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The consultation

For all pregnant women. We are also offering consultations for women who have achieved pregnancy without any fertility treatment.

The midwife consultation is always individual.

We are able to offer consultation during the whole pregnancy. We can offer consultations with short warning, and you will always see the same midwife, during the whole pregnancy.

The consultation includes:

  • Examination of the abdomen where the weight of the baby and the position of the head is estimated.
  • The rhythm of the babys hearth is validated.

  • Advice concerning diet, physical activity and lifestyle is given.
  • Measuring of the blood presure.
  • Examination of the urine for sugar and protein.
  • Conversation about important issues for you in the pregnancy. If you have special concerns we will help you during the whole pregnancy.
  • Conversation about your prior experiences in pregnancy including the birth. We will also have a talk about the next birth.
  • Instruction concerning how to avoid difficulties in your pregnancy.


Every uneven weeks: 09.15-16.15

Tlf.: 86 10 13 88


Maigaard Fertilitetsklinik​

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