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HSE is short for Hystero Sonografic Examination. This is a procedure used for demonstration of the tubes to be patent.

To become pregnant the natural way or following insemination, at least one of the tubes must be patent. The tubes can be obstructed following infection, and often the woman is unaware of having suffered from such an infection in her earlier life.

The examination is performed in the first part of the cycle, between menstruation and ovulation.​

A thin plastic tubing is introduced through the cervical tract to the uterine cavity and sterile water is injected through the tubing. If the tubes are patent the flow of the water through the tubes to the abdomen can be seen by use of ultrasound scanning. 

If passage of water through the tubes cannot be demonstrated IVF is the treatment of choice - or laparoscopy should be performed for further examination and surgery of the tubes.​


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