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How to do the TESE procedure

The procedure:

The testis biopsy is a almost painless. Normally the procedure takes approximately half an hour. It is done in local anesthesia placed around the sperm cord and in the scrotum. Approximately 10 minutes after the local anesthesia is given, the sample is aspirated from the testicle using a thin needle. The aspiration takes only a few seconds. Most men only experience slight discomfort in connection with the procedure. The retrieved material is analyzed at the clinic laboratory for the presence of sperm cells.​

After the procedure:
You might feel a slight pain in testikel and the scrotum a few days after the procedure. We recommend that you take it easy during the next one or two days. You are able to work, if only you refrain from strenuous physical work.

If you experience strong pain, swelling, redness or fever, please contact Maigaard Fertility Clinic. This situation is very rare however it can happen.

You are able to drive from the clinic after the procedure.


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