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Insemination (IVF)​

IVF-treatment is beyond discussion the most effective way of becoming pregnant, despite the reason for the infertility being obstructed tubes, poor semen quality, hormonal disturbance or unexplained infertility.

In more than 40% of IVF treatments (varies with age of the woman) a positive pregnancy test can be demonstrated 14 days after transfer of the fertilized eggs to the uterus.

The treatment involves several steps:

​Initial hormone treatment to secure maturation of a number of follicles in the ovaries.

The growth of the maturing follicles is monitored by ultra sound examination in order to determine the optimal time for egg aspiration.

Aspiration of the eggs is performed in local anesthesia. Guided by ultra sound, a thin needle is passed through the vaginal wall to the ovary, and the follicular fluid, containing the egg, is collected by gently suction.

The man delivers a sperm sample by masturbation, and in the laboratory, the sperm cells are, by use of a special technique, separated from the spermatic fluid. Eggs and sperm cells are brought together in a small dish in the laboratory.

Two days later we can observe if fertilization has succeeded and how many eggs have started to cleave. The 2 most optimal looking eggs is thereafter transferred to the uterus.

14 days later a pregnancy test can demonstrate if pregnancy has been achieved.

A more detailed description of the treatment is found in Information of IVF and ICSI, which can be downloaded by clicking on the disc below, or you can require it by calling us at +45 86101388 or email:

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