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Insemination with partner semen (IUI-H)

Unexplained infertility, irregular cycles, uncertain ovulation and moderate impaired semen quality gives indication for treatment with insemination of semen directly to the uterine cavity.

This technique is called Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI-H). IUI-H is for use of semen from partner in contrast to IUI-D where semen from a donor is used.

In cases of severe impaired semen quality, the partner's semen can only be used by performing micro insemination (ICSI), a special technique where one single sperm cell is injected into each egg collected by use of IVF-treatment.

To achieve pregnancy by use of IUI, at least one of the tubes must be patent.

In some situations hormone treatment is administered to enhance the chance of becoming pregnant. The hormones stimulate the ovaries to mature more follicles. It is necessary for the success of the treatment, that we are in control of the ovulation, thus enabling us to perform the insemination at the right time.

An ultrasound scan is performed on day 11 of the cycle to secure a satisfactory development of the follicles. Guided by the size and number of growing follicles, the time for an ovulation inducting hormone injection is planned, and the insemination is performed 2 days later.

Before the planed insemination the partner deliver a semen sample to be prepared in the laboratory, where we separate the most motile sperm cells from the ejaculate.​

What are the chances of becoming pregnant?

When doing IUI-H, the chance to achieve pregnancy is  14-20 % per treatments, depending of the age of the woman.

A more detailed description of the treatment is found in Information of IUI, which can be downloaded by clicking on the disc below, or you can require it by calling us at +45 86101388 or email:

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