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Insemination with donor semen (IUI-D)

IUI-D treatment is identical to IUI-H treatment except for the use of donor semen.

Donor semen can be used if the partner's ejaculate contains none or insufficient number of motile sperm cells.

​We use donor semen from The European Sperm Bank On stock we have semen from both open and anonymous donors.

The donor is selected from a basis profile (height, weight, color of hair and eyes).

You are welcome to buy the donor semen from the European Sperm Bank or Cryos. We recommend to buy MOT 20 (IUI-ready to use) straws. All expenses for buying and delivery of the sperm is self paid.​

Before releasing semen from a donor, the sperm bank has examined him for genetic and contagious diseases, including HIV.


What are the chances for becoming pregnant

When doing IUI-D, the chance to achieve pregnancy is 20-25 % per treatments, depending of the age of the woman.

A more detailed description of the treatment is found in Information of IUI, which can be downloaded by clicking on the disc below, or you can require it by calling us at +45 86101388 or email:

Download info IUI.


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