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Who can be treated?

​The Danish legislation does not allow women more than 45 years to be treated for infertility.

There is no waiting time, so you decide when you want treatment.

How to get started

​Call or mail the clinic and inform us of your situation including prior examinations or treatments. You are always welcome for a non-committing consultation where we can inform you of the different treatments. It is important we find the right treatment for your situation. If you live outside Denmark the initial part of the treatment can be performed by your local gynecologist.

How do we treat?

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Insemination with your partner's semen (IUI-H).

Insemination with donor semen (IUI-D).


In Vitro Fertilization, also known as test-tube-baby treatment.


As IVF treatment, but the fertilization of the eggs is performed with micro insemination technique, where a single sperm cell is injected directly into the egg.


Surgical collection of sperm cells from the testicle (TESE). Necessary when the man is sterilized (vasectomy) or for other reasons where there are no sperm cells in the ejaculate.

Assisted Hatching (AHA)

Artificial making a 'hole' in the membrane surrounding the egg. May in some cases enhance the ability of the egg to implant in the uterus.

Embryo Freezing

Fertilized eggs of good quality can be frozen for later use.


Ultra sound guided examination of the patency of the tubes by demonstrating flow of sterile water.


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Maigaard Fertilitetsklinik​

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